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Use AI To Create Email Responses For Upset Customers

Today, let’s focus on creating templates for a customer who is unhappy with your product, physical or digital.

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  • 🧠 Today’s Tip: Use AI To Create Email Responses For Upset Customers

(Read time: five minutes) - Fun fact: I never change this.

Remember how Microsoft came out swinging with its massive $10 billion investment and partnership with OpenAI? And then remember how Sam Altman was fired at OpenAI and “joined Microsoft” in a senior role before returning to Microsoft?

Microsoft will exercise its rights to reuse OpenAI’s AI models to train its own in-house AI model that will compete with OpenAI, Google, and Anthropic. This is an excellent reminder that $10 billion is nothing to companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon.

The new model is being called MAI-1 and is being run by Mustafa Suleyman, a senior Google AI leader who became the CEO of another AI startup, Inflection, to which Microsoft wrote a $650 million check back in March.

This is a big soap opera, but the big lesson here is to figure out what Microsoft wants and to build it so you can sell it to them.

Image from Fast Company

🔗 You can read more about this here.

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Cool Tech: AI News on X

Elon Musk hates the media and spent $44 billion on Twitter (now X) because he wanted free speech and hates the mainstream media. I believe in Elon’s abilities to build great things and move mountains (typing this with a Tesla in my garage), but I disagree with some of his public-facing comments lately.

It is a good reminder that you can disagree with someone and still respect them!

I have used Grok a lot and have been impressed, but I am unsure how seriously I should take it. Elon has big plans for Grok and real-time news on X, and I am incredibly curious to see if it can be executed well.

This is what’s happening (you’ll want to click “Show more”):

Latest News.

My take: Seriously—coding with AI is about to get way easier. This is really cool shit.

My take: The United States leads the pack (by a lot), China is second, and the UK is third. Surprising? The rest of the list is really interesting. Go check it out.

My take: This is nice and catches them up to Google, but I prefer Lightroom to editing with Apple Photos. Is Apple finally jumping on the AI train?

My take: Click on the link, look at the posts containing the AI images, and look at the responses. AI images and videos are going to disrupt all parts of our life. Hold on tight before election season.

Fresh Apps to Play With

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  • 🔗 Albus - GPT-4, Vision, Gemini, Claude. AI voices in 112 languages

  • 🔗 moveme - Emotion-led AI recommendations across all your streaming services

Check out these AI apps, and let me know what you think. Reply to this email or tweet me directly.

Today’s Tip: Use AI To Create Email Responses For Upset Customers

Creating plans for upset customers is never fun, but it’s a must. When a customer is upset, hell hath no fury like them. To do this, you’ll need templates. I want to do a series on this, but for today, let’s focus on creating templates for a customer who is unhappy with your product, physical or digital.

Fill in the blanks below and enjoy your new template. You’ll be ready the next time a customer is upset.

Draft an email response to a customer named [Customer Name] who reported a defect in our software product, [Product Name]. The customer described the issue as [Specific Complaint]. Our standard procedure for such defects is to [Refund/Replace/Repair], and we typically offer [Compensation/Goodwill Gesture] to ensure customer satisfaction. The email should be written in a [Tone Style] tone, include any immediate fixes or workarounds, and inform the customer about upcoming updates that could resolve the issue. Also, provide the customer with direct contact details for further support, and explain how they can track the resolution of their complaint. This email will come from [name] at [email].

Try it for yourself, and let me know if it works for you.

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