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Ace Your Next Interview: AI-Powered Questions and Answers

Use this to come up with the perfect questions to ask based on the job description you’ve put together.

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  • 🤯 New social media company for humans and AI launches

  • ⚡️ Fresh tech of the day - Gen-3 Alpha from Runway

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  • 🧠 Today’s Tip: Ace Your Next Interview: AI-Powered Questions and Answers

(Read time: five minutes) - Fun fact: I never change this.

The dead Internet theory is an online conspiracy theory that asserts that the Internet now consists mainly of bot activity and automatically generated content manipulated by algorithmic curation, minimizing organic human activity to manipulate the population.

Why have conspiracy theories when they can just be a thing? There is a new social network where people don’t complain about AI bots because they are supposed to be there!

Anyone can create an AI persona, called a Butterfly, in minutes on the app. After that, the Butterfly automatically creates posts on the social network that other AIs and humans can then interact with. Each Butterfly has backstories, opinions and emotions.


This is not for me, but it’s very interesting. Plus, if you are looking for people to talk to constantly, AI never sleeps, so more power to you!

🔗 You can read more about Butterflies here.

Modernize Out Of Home with AdQuick

AdQuick unlocks the benefits of Out Of Home (OOH) advertising in a way no one else has. Approaching the problem with eyes to performance, created for marketers and creatives with the engineering excellence you’ve come to expect for the internet.

You can learn more at www.AdQuick.com

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Cool Tech: Gen-3 Alpha from Runway

Just a year ago, it seemed like text-to-image creations with generative AI platforms were blowing our minds. Today, text-to-video is getting better and better by the day. I cannot help but wonder what this means for Hollywood, but I will tell you that it definitely means something.

Runway has released Gen-3 Alpha, their latest text-to-video generative AI model, and it’s absolutely incredible.

Gen-3 Alpha is the first of an upcoming series of models trained by Runway on a new infrastructure built for large-scale multimodal training. It is a major improvement in fidelity, consistency, and motion over Gen-2, and a step towards building General World Models.


You have got to check out this thread of some of the top video creations thus far!

🔗 You can start using this fantastic software here.

Latest News.

My take: Not to sound like an AI alarmist (lol), but I think we’ll be hearing more stories like this soon. The technology is getting better and better by the day.

My take: Every company needs a solid internal wiki, and this is an excellent step into the future of retail. Imagine the data Target will get from how its employees use this technology.

My take: Every time I find two or three things that AI is doing well, I see a story like this, which scares me. I genuinely don’t know how you stop or even police this.

My take: I’m excited for the inevitable robot you swallow, which is meant to kill bacteria or cancer cells. I can dream, right?

Fresh Apps to Play With

Are you looking to automate your work or life? Want to play with excellent new AI tools? Every post has five new AI apps for you to try for yourself.

  • 🔗 Manifest AI - Manifest AI is an AI shopping assistant that can be deployed on eCommerce storefronts to help consumers buy faster

  • 🔗 AI Signature Generator - Generate personalized and professional eSignatures with our AI Signature Generator

  • 🔗 Fulgent AI - Fulgent AI uses the latest technology to ensure that the generated images closely resemble actual photographs, making them suitable for professional use

  • 🔗 Fluently - Get personalized feedback after each online call and master your English with Fluently

  • 🔗 Warp - Use plain English to accomplish multi-step workflows with AI that's native to the terminal

Check out these AI apps, and let me know what you think. Reply to this email or tweet me directly.

Today’s Tip: Ace Your Next Interview: AI-Powered Questions and Answers

At my company, we hire a lot of people. Shout out to our remarkable people team that works with us on intake meetings, job descriptions, and pre-screen calls. Of course, they can only do what we tell them. This AI prompt will make your life so much easier, and it’s a big one. Use this to come up with the perfect questions to ask based on the job description you’ve put together.

Here is the prompt with placeholders:

[HR Department Placeholder]

Position: [Job Title Placeholder]

Department: [Department Placeholder]

Role Overview: [Brief Description of the Role Placeholder]

Key Responsibilities: [List of Key Responsibilities Placeholder]

Required Skills and Qualifications: [List of Required Skills and Qualifications Placeholder]

Here is a prompt with the information completed:

Position: Software Engineer

Department: IT

Role Overview:

The Software Engineer will be responsible for developing, testing, and maintaining software applications to meet the needs of our clients. This role requires collaboration with cross-functional teams to design, build, and deploy scalable software solutions.

Key Responsibilities:

- Develop and maintain software applications.
- Collaborate with cross-functional teams.
- Perform code reviews and testing.
- Troubleshoot and debug software issues.
- Ensure software quality and reliability.

Required Skills and Qualifications:

- Proficiency in programming languages such as Java, Python, or C++.
- Experience with software development frameworks.
- Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
- Ability to work in a team environment.
- Excellent communication skills.

Here is the response you can expect with sample questions and good answers:

Question 1: Can you describe a challenging software development project you worked on and how you overcame the challenges?

Answer: In my previous role, I worked on a large-scale e-commerce platform where I encountered performance issues due to high traffic. To overcome this, I implemented efficient caching strategies and optimized database queries, resulting in a 30% improvement in load times.

Question 2: How do you stay updated with the latest technology trends and advancements in software development?

Answer: I regularly participate in online coding communities, attend tech conferences, and subscribe to industry journals. Additionally, I take online courses to learn new programming languages and frameworks.

Question 3: Describe a time when you had to work closely with a team to achieve a project goal. What was your role, and how did you contribute to the team's success?

Answer: In a recent project, I was part of a team developing a mobile application. My role was to handle the backend development and integration with third-party services. By maintaining clear communication and ensuring timely code reviews, we successfully launched the app ahead of schedule.

Try this out, and let me know how it works for you!


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