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Use AI To Find Out When You’ll Be Replaced By AI

I told it what I do for work and asked when I would be replaced. I got a real answer with an actual date!

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  • 🤯 Google AI Overview Gone Wild

  • ⚡️ Fresh tech of the day - Canva’s Revamped AI Features

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  • 🧠 Today’s Tip: Use AI To Find Out When You’ll Be Replaced By AI

(Read time: five minutes) - Fun fact: I never change this.

I recently wrote about the significant changes coming to Google Search, including AI Overview at the top of the SERP, which gives you an answer without clicking a link. As someone who does SEO for work, I don’t love that. But here we are.

If you have not seen AI Overview yet, it looks like this:

We do know that this was trained with Reddit content, and the early results are terrible. Here are a few examples that are being shared across the internet.

So anyway…for the time being, be careful what you read on Google. Don’t worry; they are apparently manually removing this content.

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Cool Tech: Canva’s Revamped AI Tools

Last week, the Canva Create conference was held in Los Angeles and solidified Canva as one of the best design tools on Earth (and a favorite of mine). At the event, Canva showcased some very cool AI tools that you should know about.

  • Magic Media: Our leading image and video generating tool can now also generate the perfect graphic. Whether you need icons, stickers, or illustrations, simply describe what you want and watch your words transform into beautiful graphics in Magic Media.

  • Magic Write: The same high-quality copy, now with personalization. Magic Write can now generate text using your unique tone of voice to get your message across with words that sound just like you, or your brand. Just upload a sample, and with a click, Magic Write will generate text that matches.

  • Magic Design: Experience an upgraded Magic Design, powered by leading generative AI technology. Now, you can expect to generate higher-quality templates every time, and do less editing or retouching to get it right.

  • Photo editor: Canva’s AI-powered photo editor now gives you even more control over your images. Use Magic Grab to effortlessly select any element within your photo to move, remove, or replace it – just like you’re editing a Canva template. Once you’ve got the perfect shot, use Mockups to analyze your image and transform it into a mockup template.

  • Video editor: Canva’s video editor now has more AI-powered features to help you create and edit videos no one will want to skip. Use the Highlights tool's AI technology to capture the best parts of your videos and generate short engaging clips, or remove background noise with Enhance voice.

🔗 You can read all about it here.

Latest News.

My take: It’s probably better for Hollywood and other industries to start working alongside artificial intelligence instead of fighting it. I still believe it enhances the people using it.

My take: This computer will either get us to Mars and give us the answers to life’s biggest questions or destroy humanity. There is no in-between. I am sort of kidding?

My take: On the one hand, this is excellent news. On the other hand, the fact that this is even a thing is pretty problematic, right?

My take: This is just a reminder that creating a wearable tech item is hard, and it will get harder to build AI into it.

Fresh Apps to Play With

Are you looking to automate your work or life? Every post has five new AI apps for you to try for yourself.

  • 🔗 Hints - Hints AI fuels deeper, more accurate pipeline details

  • 🔗 ReplyMind - Take Your Social Engagement To The Next Level With The Power of AI

  • 🔗 Apollo AI - Apollo AI is the only AI sales assistant built on a database of over 275M+ contacts and millions of sales engagement data points

  • 🔗 udm14 - If you want to give people easy access to an AI-free Google search, send them to this page

  • 🔗 Findr - AI powered answers using workplace apps

Check out these AI apps, and let me know what you think. Reply to this email or tweet me directly.

Today’s Tip: Use AI To Find Out When You’ll Be Replaced By AI

ChatGPT 4o is incredibly intuitive, and I decided to test it. So I told it what I do for work and asked when I would be replaced. I got a real answer with an actual date!


I am a Global Chief Marketing Officer for a software company that provides a full solution for veterinary clinics to streamline their business. My team handles out entire global GTM strategy. Tell me how and when AI will replace me. Give me a date based on the current trajectory of AI technology growth.

🔗 You can see the answer I got here. Now it’s your turn! When will AI replace you?


or to participate.