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Make ChatGPT Plan A Perfect Day For You

Whether it’s where you live or where you’re visiting, planning a perfect day can be difficult. ChatGPT-4o to the rescue!

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Today on Bagel Bots:

  • 🤯 OpenAI’s big announcements

  • ⚡️ Fresh tech of the day - Google I/O

  • 📰 The latest AI and tech news

  • 🤖 Cool new apps for you to check out

  • 🧠 Today’s Tip: Make ChatGPT Plan A Perfect Day For You

(Read time: five minutes) - Fun fact: I never change this.

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Let’s jump into yesterday’s big OpenAI reveals. Have you seen the movie 'Her yet? If not, you should.

OpenAI has just announced the release of GPT-4o, a groundbreaking generative AI model that takes the capabilities of its predecessor, GPT-4, to new heights. The "o" in GPT-4o stands for "omni," reflecting the model's ability to handle text, speech, and video seamlessly.

GPT-4o's enhanced capabilities will be gradually rolled out across OpenAI's developer and consumer-facing products in the coming weeks. Users can expect a more natural and intuitive experience when engaging with the GPT-4o-powered ChatGPT, which now offers real-time responsiveness, voice interaction, and advanced vision capabilities. The model's improved multilingual performance and faster processing speeds make it an even more powerful tool for a wide range of applications. As OpenAI continues to push the boundaries of AI technology, GPT-4o represents an exciting new frontier in the quest for more intelligent and user-friendly machine interaction.

My biggest takeaway? Instant language translation. I could have really used this in Japan a few weeks ago!

🔗 You can watch the entire presentation and learn more here.

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Cool Tech: Google I/O Up Next

Yesterday was OpenAI’s big reveal; it’s Google’s turn today. I imagine the pressure for everyone in the AI arena is at an all-time high, so let’s see what Google has for us.

What should you expect to hear in a few hours at Google's annual I/O developer conference? Expect to hear about the company's new, more powerful Gemini model, which is meant to compete with OpenAI's ChatGPT. Google will also showcase new AI features for Search, Google Maps, Android, and ways to turn your smartphone into more of an AI gadget. The keynote talk will be livestreamed on Google's site and YouTube channel starting at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

Rumor has it that Google may also debut a more personal version of its digital assistant, potentially called "Pixie." This Gemini-powered assistant is expected to integrate multimodal features, such as taking pictures of objects to learn how to use them or getting directions to a place to buy them. With Google's focus on AI, this year's I/O is shaping to be a significant event for the tech industry and consumers.

🔗 Click here to get everything you need for the big event.

Latest News.

My take: In 2017, an investor of Rad AI said, “the radiologist will be obsolete in five years.” It sounds like things are moving quickly. How long until doctors work alongside more AI than people?

My take: Get the inside scoop on today’s big OpenAI reveal directly from the company's CEO. Today was the day that everything changed.

My take: What happens to wars when you can act aggressively because no human life is at stake? It’s going to get weird.

My take: The race is on to create the first consumer-ready humanoid to start selling. I have seen many videos of Unitree’s G1, which may be the first available. Would you want one?

Fresh Apps to Play With

Are you looking to automate your work or life? Every post has five new AI apps for you to try for yourself.

  • 🔗 factors.ai - Discover companies engaging with your brand, empower intent-based GTM efforts, and make every marketing dollar count toward revenue

  • 🔗 Voice Notes - A place to dump your thoughts and have them organized with AI

  • 🔗 Cursor - The AI-first Code Editor

  • 🔗 Phew AI Tab - Organize numerous tabs with AI

  • 🔗 Wingman - Get your dating profile pics and bio roasted by an AI expert, with actionable tips on what to improve

Check out these AI apps, and let me know what you think. Reply to this email or tweet me directly.

Today’s Tip: Make ChatGPT Plan A Perfect Day For You

Whether it’s where you live or where you’re visiting, planning a perfect day can be difficult. ChatGPT-4o to the rescue! Use the prompt below (and make any edits you need) to plan an ideal day in your town. This is easily editable if you’re visiting a new city.

Side note: I will be in Nashville for work this week and will use this prompt to plan a day.

I live in [City, State] and want to have an amazing Saturday. Using the top local places and knowing I love local food and activities, please plan a perfect Saturday for me to enjoy local businesses and areas, and to relax. Include suggestions for morning, afternoon, and evening activities, as well as recommendations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at local eateries. If possible, include unique experiences or hidden gems specific to the area.

Here is my output (and a lot of these are places I visit often):

Here's a perfect Saturday plan for you in Newport Beach, CA, combining local food, activities, and relaxation:

### Morning

**7:30 AM - Sunrise Walk at Newport Pier**
- Start your day early with a refreshing walk along the Newport Pier. Enjoy the sunrise and the serene views of the ocean.

**9:00 AM - Breakfast at Alta Coffee**
- Head over to Alta Coffee, a cozy local favorite, for a delicious breakfast. Try their famous avocado toast or one of their hearty breakfast burritos, paired with a fresh cup of coffee.

### Late Morning

**10:30 AM - Balboa Island Exploration**
- Take a short drive to Balboa Island. Stroll through the charming streets, browse the unique boutiques, and check out the local art galleries.
- Don't miss a ride on the Balboa Island Ferry for a quick trip to the Balboa Peninsula.

**11:30 AM - Fun Zone at Balboa Village**
- Enjoy some fun at the Balboa Fun Zone, where you can play arcade games, ride the Ferris wheel, or rent a bike for a scenic ride along the beach.

### Afternoon

**12:30 PM - Lunch at Bear Flag Fish Company**
- Head to Bear Flag Fish Company for a fresh and delicious seafood lunch. Try their poke bowls, fish tacos, or sushi.

**2:00 PM - Stand-Up Paddleboarding at Newport Aquatic Center**
- Rent a paddleboard and spend a couple of hours exploring the calm waters of the Back Bay. It's a great way to relax and take in the natural beauty of the area.

**4:00 PM - Relax at the Beach**
- Spend some leisurely time at one of Newport Beach's beautiful beaches, like Crystal Cove State Park. Bring a book, lay out a blanket, and soak up the sun.

### Evening

**6:00 PM - Dinner at The Cannery**
- For a memorable dining experience, reserve a table at The Cannery, a historic waterfront restaurant. Enjoy fresh seafood dishes while watching the sunset over the marina.

### Night

**8:00 PM - Cocktails at Lido House Rooftop Bar**
- End your day with a drink at the Lido House Rooftop Bar. Enjoy the stunning views of Newport Beach and the relaxing ambiance.

**10:00 PM - Stroll Along the Beach**
- Take a final stroll along the beach or the boardwalk, enjoying the cool night air and the sound of the waves.

### Optional Late-Night

**11:00 PM - Dessert at Afters Ice Cream**
- If you have a sweet tooth, stop by Afters Ice Cream for a unique and delicious treat to cap off your perfect Saturday.

Enjoy your day in Newport Beach!

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