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Create Puns and Clever Business Names with AI

Hiring a branding agency will cost you upwards of $15,000 for a name and the beginnings of a brand you plan to build.

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Today on Bagel Bots:

  • 🤯 The rise of humanoid robots

  • ⚡️ Fresh tech of the day - Punyo

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  • 🧠 Today’s Tip: Create Puns and Clever Business Names with AI

(Read time: five minutes) - Fun fact: I never change this.

For years, I have been driving friends and family crazy by talking about how the world needs more robots to do things. Bad service at a restaurant? We need robots. Slow-moving lines at retail stores? We need more robots.

Well, we’re here! The next five years will be all about robots at work and home and randomly inserted into other checkpoints of our lives.

The total addressable market for humanoid robots is projected to reach $38 billion by 2035, up more than sixfold from a previous projection of $6 billion, Goldman Sachs Research analyst Jacqueline Du, head of China Industrial Technology research, writes in the report. Their estimate for robot shipments increased fourfold, to 1.4 million units, over the same time frame, with a much faster path to profitability on a 40% reduction in the cost of materials.

Goldman Sachs

🔗 You can read more about this here.

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Cool Tech: Punyo

Toyota Research Institute's new humanoid robot, Punyo, is pushing the boundaries of robotic manipulation by leveraging its soft, compliant body to interact with objects in a more human-like manner. By using its arms and chest, which are covered in air bladders, Punyo can manipulate large, heavy, or awkward objects that would be difficult for traditional robotic grippers to handle. This innovative approach to whole-body manipulation has the potential to improve the efficiency and versatility of robots in various applications and highlights the importance of considering the advantages of soft, compliant materials in robot design.

As more humanoid robots enter the market, Punyo's unique design philosophy may inspire others to explore the benefits of whole-body manipulation and soft robotics. This will ultimately lead to more capable and adaptable robots that can better navigate and interact with the world around them.

🔗 You can learn more about Punyo here.

Latest News.

My take: You may have issues with Elon Musk, but the man is one of the most innovative humans ever. Competition in all sectors, including AI, is a good thing.

My take: Have you been affected by AI in your work? In one way or another, I believe we all have.

My take: Notice a theme today? We can call it doomsday chatter or prepare for an uncertain future.

My take: I still believe there is a world where humans can use AI to become superhuman and find themselves working less.

Fresh Apps to Play With

Are you looking to automate your work or life? Every post has five new AI apps for you to try for yourself.

  • 🔗 Plus AI for Google Slides - Make work easier with the best AI tools for Google Slides and Google Docs

  • 🔗 EditApp - Easily create and tweak images directly on your device with EditApp AI

  • 🔗 CommandBar - The only platform for non-annoying user assistance, helping product, marketing, and customer teams unleash their users

  • 🔗 PrometAI - Begin your business journey with PrometAI's AI business plan generator, your first step towards turning ideas into valuable reality

  • 🔗 Emilio - The virtual AI assistant that manages your email inbox and helps you focus on what matters

Check out these AI apps, and let me know what you think. Reply to this email or tweet me directly.

Today’s Tip: Create Puns and Clever Business Names with AI

Hiring a branding agency will cost you upwards of $15,000 for a name and the beginnings of a brand you plan to build. Most businesses would benefit from hiring an agency, but first, you need a place to start. So, let’s say we’re starting a coffee shop and want to create something funny or unique. Update this for any topic or type of business.

Here’s your prompt:

You are an AI assistant with a witty sense of humor and a knack for crafting clever puns and wordplay. I am looking to start a coffee shop with a clever name, and your task is to generate a list of puns, play on words, or humorous phrases related to name it. The wordplay should be original, creative, and aim to elicit a laugh or a groan from the reader. Please help me name my coffee shop!

Output (I love like six of them):

  1. Brew Ha Ha: A playful twist on "brouhaha," suggesting laughter and cozy coffee chats.

  2. Deja Brew: For that familiar, comforting feeling of sipping your favorite coffee every day.

  3. Espresso Yourself: Encouraging patrons to be authentic while enjoying a shot of personality.

  4. Bean There, Done That: A nod to coffee aficionados who have tried it all.

  5. Mugged: A double entendre implying both coffee mugs and being robbed (of sleep, perhaps).

  6. Procaffeinating: The art of sipping coffee while postponing responsibilities.

  7. Barista's Secret: Hinting at the magical craftsmanship behind every cup.

  8. Daily Grind: A pun on the everyday hustle and the process of grinding coffee beans.

  9. Steamy Affairs: Conjuring images of hot, frothy romance between customers and their beloved brews.

  10. Roast Office: A play on "post office," where coffee is the main form of correspondence.

  11. Grind Over Matter: Mind-over-matter willpower, fueled by freshly ground coffee.

  12. Sip Happens: A coffee-centric spin on "sh*t happens," because life is better with a cup in hand.

  13. Thanks a Latte: Expressing gratitude for your customers' patronage, one latte at a time.

  14. Pour Decisions: Acknowledging that choosing the perfect coffee can be a tough call.

  15. Brew Bliss: Where happiness is just a sip away, and coffee-induced euphoria abounds.

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