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Get The Perfect Color For Every Emotion with AI

Let’s say you are creating a new brand and you want to find perfect colors based on the mood you are trying to convey.

Today on Bagel Bots:

  • 🤯 99.9999% that AGI will destroy humans?

  • ⚡️ Fresh tech of the day - Showrunner

  • 📰 The latest AI and tech news

  • 🤖 Cool new apps for you to check out

  • 🧠 Today’s Tip: Get The Perfect Color For Every Emotion with AI

(Read time: five minutes) - Fun fact: I never change this.

In a gripping and unsettling discussion, AI safety researcher Roman Yampolskiy posits a 99.9999% chance that artificial general intelligence (AGI) could ultimately destroy human civilization. This episode of the Lex Fridman podcast, available on X, YouTube, Spotify, and other platforms, starkly contrasts the more optimistic views held by many AI experts who estimate the risk of AGI-induced catastrophe at less than 20%. Yampolskiy’s perspective serves as a crucial reminder of the existential dangers AI might pose, emphasizing the urgent need for balanced and thorough consideration of AI safety measures. The conversation covers a wide range of topics, from the existential risk of AGI to AI deception and the hope for the future, making it a must-watch for anyone concerned about the long-term impacts of AI development.

🔗 You can watch the entire video on YouTube here.

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Cool Tech: Showrunner

This is a literal Black Mirror episode. If you’re like me, you run out of things to watch often. Perhaps the writers and actors ’ strike caused us to lack something to watch. But I would love to be able to have characters I love, and stories I care about continue as long as I want to watch.

Now, people can produce whatever they want to watch. If I were Hollywood, I would be worried about this.

On the platform, you will be able to:

  • Use generative AI to create your own episodes.

  • Take complete control over dialogue, characters, and shot types.

  • Discover and contribute to a diverse range of AI-generated series.

Check out this thread and have your mind blown.

🔗 You can join their waitlist here.

Latest News.

My take: Dove is taking a stand on AI art, which I love. Kudos to them, and kudos to any other brand getting ahead of the AI madness on the way.

My take: Google launched AI Overviews, and it bombed. Now, they’re openly discussing what happened. Does this change how you feel about Google’s AI?

My take: This is exactly what the actor's and writers' strikes were about. Everyone got their deal, and now the studios won’t hide what they’re doing.

My take: This is proof that the world has gone mad, sex sells, and that AI will turn into what the internet has always been—full of nudity. It was always going to go this way, right? I hope we can find better uses for this technology, but here we are.

Fresh Apps to Play With

Are you looking to automate your work or life? Every post has five new AI apps for you to try for yourself.

  • 🔗 Eververse - Eververse is a home for product teams to explore problems, ideate solutions, prioritize features, and plan roadmaps with the help of AI

  • 🔗 Revid - Create viral AI videos in minutes

  • 🔗 Exa - Search content by meaning

  • 🔗 timeOS - timeOS is an AI productivity companion that captures and summarizes your day, organizes all relevant information within the right tool, and proactively surfaces the knowledge you need when you need it

  • 🔗 Exactly - Train a personal AI on your artwork. Perfect and expand your creative practice, maintain ownership and control of everything

Check out these AI apps, and let me know what you think. Reply to this email or tweet me directly.

Today’s Tip: Get The Perfect Color For Every Emotion with AI

Let’s say you are creating a new brand and want to find perfect colors based on the mood you are trying to convey. ChatGPT 4o can help! This is a multiple-part prompt, so be ready!


Your objective is to translate the provided text description of a mood or emotion into a corresponding HEX color code. Utilize principles of color psychology and widely recognized associations between colors and emotions to select the most appropriate color.


    Interpretation: Carefully analyze the text description to understand the mood or emotion conveyed.
    Color Selection: Choose a HEX color code that best represents the mood or emotion, based on established color psychology principles and common associations.
    Ambiguity Handling: If the text description is unclear, ambiguous, or lacks sufficient detail to determine an appropriate color, respond with: “Unable to determine a HEX color code for the given mood.”


    Description: "Calm and peaceful"
        HEX Code: #A3D8F4 (Light Blue)
    Description: "Energetic and vibrant"
        HEX Code: #FFA500 (Orange)
    Description: "Unclear or mixed emotions"
        Response: Unable to determine a HEX color code for the given mood.

Focus on accuracy and clarity in your color selection to ensure the chosen HEX code effectively represents the described mood or emotion. Reply OK if you understand.

ChatGPT replied, “OK.” To which I responded:

What color describes, "the happiness felt during a long and tranquil walk on the beach."

HEX Code: #FFE4B5 (Moccasin)

And then I asked:

What color describes, "the most anger you have every felt."

HEX Code: #FF0000 (Red)

Try it for yourself! What color did you come up with?


or to participate.