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How To Write Multilingual Social Media Posts with AI

Writing copy and social media posts in other languages may be difficult, but AI has you covered.

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(Read time: five minutes) - Fun fact: I never change this.

This edition of Bagel Bots is coming to you live from Tokyo! I want to give a shout-out to this amazing city; it is easily the best place I have ever visited.

The Stanford University “State of AI” report has dropped, and it’s incredible. It’s 500 pages, but no one has time, so Stanford released their findings in 13 charts for us.

Each person will care about specific metrics more than others, and for me, it’s this:

More companies are implementing AI in some part of their business: In surveys, 55% of organizations said they were using AI in 2023, up from 50% in 2022 and 20% in 2017. Businesses report using AI to automate contact centers, personalize content, and acquire new customers. 

Stanford University

Why is this important to me? Because I have worked hard to infuse a ton of AI into my business, and I believe companies that do not will die quick deaths.

This entire report is full of helpful data, and I highly recommend checking out at least the condensed version.

🔗 You can read the entire report here.

Unlock the full potential of your workday with cutting-edge AI strategies and actionable insights, empowering you to achieve unparalleled excellence in the future of work. Download the free guide today!

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Cool Tech: AI Girlfriends

What does it say about society that all these reports are about AI girlfriends and not AI boyfriends? It’s true; men are, apparently, weird and lonely creatures.

I have watched the movie ‘Her,’ and I get it, people need companionship. But what happens to society when no one goes outside or tries to meet new people because there is an AI waiting at home? What happens to men’s brains when they can create an anime character of a woman to talk to all day?

I love the tech, but I think the human brain will get messed up by this. This data supports my thinking:

A recent survey from Infobip found that nearly 20% of Americans have flirted with chat bots. Nearly half of them — 47.2% — did so out of curiosity while 23.9% said they were lonely and seeking interactions.

Nearly 17% said they were “AI-phished” — meaning they did not realize they were talking to a chat bot.

The survey also found that 12.2% were seeking sexual chat within a private space.


Could you see yourself having a flirty relationship with an AI bot? Even if you could create your “dream person”?

🔗 You can read more about this here.

Latest News.

My take: CAA, a leading talent agency in Hollywood, is pushing the envelope by embracing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create digital doubles of its A-list clients. WILD STUFF.

My take: AI is, and should be, a global exercise. The only question is whether it will unite or tear us apart even further.

My take: Today, it can mimic us. Tomorrow, it…becomes us?

My take: Two years from now, will top cars be able to drive themselves while operators relax and get things done? I sure hope so.

Fresh Apps to Play With

Are you looking to automate your work or life? Every post has five new AI apps for you to try for yourself.

  • 🔗 Breezemail - Breezemail keeps your important emails in your inbox and categorizes the rest with AI

  • 🔗 ExcelMaster - The Only Excel Formula and VBA AI assistant that approaches human-level expertise

  • 🔗 Air - 100,000 sales and customer service reps at the tap of a button

  • 🔗 Eggnog - Create AI videos with consistent characters

  • 🔗 Tabnine - The AI coding assistant that you control slash right

Check out these AI apps, and let me know what you think. Reply to this email or tweet me directly.

Today’s Tip: How To Write Multilingual Social Media Posts with AI

Do you work for a global company? Writing copy and social media posts in other languages may be problematic, but AI has you covered. To promote a new product or feature, use the prompts below to get posts in the ten most commonly spoken languages. You can also edit the prompt to include specific languages.

Here’s your prompt:

Create a series of social media posts for announcing a new product named [insert product name here], described as [insert product description here]. Each post should be crafted in one of the 10 most commonly spoken languages globally. The content should be exciting, highlight cutting-edge features, and be designed to significantly boost consumer interest. Ensure that the language used in each post is appropriate for social media and resonates with the cultural nuances of the target demographic in each language region.

I tested this prompt with specific languages, and it worked exceptionally well. Be sure to double-check it, though!

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